How to Stage Your Master Bedroom…


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How to Stage Your Master Bedroom…

Years ago a builder, showing me his latest custom home proudly showed me his master bedroom and bath. He pointed out that the master suite was designed so that it would never be without enough hot water. Afterall, he said, this is the person who’s paying the mortgage...let’s make sure they’re happy.



master bedroom staged

When you are preparing your home for sale, make sure that you make your buyer feel as if they’ve just walked into a retreat.


How to stage your master bedroom...


1. Think Spa and Retreat

If you’ve ever had the good fortune to spend a night in a luxury hotel, think back about your first thought and how you felt. If you’re like me, you probably said “Wow!”

This is what you want your buyers to if they’ve walked into a retreat


2.Enough light to see and soft enough for effect

Most of the homes I see lack proper lighting. In fact, many still have the overhead light fixture that came with the house.

THIS IS NOT ENOUGH! You need lamps on the nightstands at the very least. When your home is being shown and your turn on all of the lights, you’ll want to have more than just the overhead light!


master bedroom before master bedroom after


3. Remove any signs of work

If you have your desk piled high with papers and a computer, find another place for it. A working area doesn’t fit the retreat atmosphere and it also tells a buyer that your home is lacking in enough space for an office.

By the way, this also goes for craft projects, etc that you have sitting around.



This goes without saying but because we all spend so little time here, be sure to address some areas that you may have overlooked.

Don’t forget to clean your windows as well!


5.Neutral, soothing color

As in the rest of the house, keep your palette soothing and buyer friendly. Think soft!



Lacy doilies, crocheted throws, and certain lamps can turn off your buyers. In their minds, they’ll see an old person living there and not themselves. (even if they are old too!)


7. Gender neutral

Just as you want your paint color to be neutral, you also want your furnishings to be as well. You’ll want your bedroom to be appealing to any gender.



Most of us have too much furniture in our bedrooms...mainly the obligatory master bedroom set...dressers we may not need anymore, heavy matching nightstands, another matching armoire, and the large comfortable chair. Depending upon the size of your room, you may be overwhelming it.

Edit the room to what you truly need and pack up what you can do without until you move.

If your bedroom is where you fold your household laundry, move it to your utility room.


9.Add a focal point

You’ll want to do this for every room and in the Master Bedroom, that is usually your bed. What do you see when you walk in the room?

If there is no headboard, consider adding an appropriately sized piece of art to help draw the buyer into the room.


10.Give your bed the Ritz Spa treatment

Don’t skimp here!  The best thing you can do is purchase (if you don’t have them) white sheets and pillowcases to go with your neutral comforter or bedspread. Add color with pillows but careful how many you use. Those fluffy pillows can be space eaters.


messy closet11.Don’t forget your closets!

Messy closets filled to the brim with shoes, boxes, and clothes do nothing to create a sense of calm. Edit what you have and take as much off the floor as you can.

For an extra special touch, remove your wire hangers and invest in some of the space-saving felt covered hangers.







Don’t miss an opportunity to show your buyers the possibilities of your home. Show them the retreat they’ve been hoping for.